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Like a baby?

Treat yourself better this year
with 100% natural sleep remedy


How Does it Work?

Experience the ultimate sense of peace as it reduces stress hormones and prepares your mind for a deep and restful sleep. Embrace the true essence of Zen.

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a peaceful slumber with our proprietary and patented blend of ingredients.  Rediscover the joy of sleeping like a baby.

Start your day on the right foot. Wake up feeling exceptional every day.

Enhance and maximize your daily productivity. Invest in your health and embark on a more successful tomorrow.

Sleep Essentials

Sleep Patch

Non-invasive and healthiest route of administration for Sleep. 

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100% Blackout, Ergonomic, Breathable Eye-Mask

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About Dream

You can tell the difference from your first night. We designed the sleep patch based on safety, effectiveness and convenience for your best experience. We go far beyond our peers by sourcing the highest quality ingredients and rigorous safety testing on our focus group, & never using cheap fillers or pseudo ingredients that spoil your sleep. Our mission is to bring the highest quality sleep aid to your nightly routine.

Over the past 3 years, our team of experienced bio-hackers, medical professionals and lab researchers, set on a mission to cure their own sleep issues that stemmed from the Covid-19 Pandemic and created the ultimate non invasive and effective sleep patch - exceeding CE health and safety standards.

Scientifically proven to help with Sleep, Insomnia, Jet Lag & more

KKM & CE Certified 

100% Plant-Based Ingredients

Our Certification

KKM Approved

CE Certified

3rd Party Tested

No Toxins

100% Plant-Based

Ships in 24 hrs

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